Etsy, as some may know, is an online site where artists and crafters can sell their (our) work.   So now I have an Etsy store.  Absolutely in it’s infancy, but I’m learning.

And yes, I have a confession.  I have, for just this moment, misplaced my camera.  I’m betting it shows up tomorrow, then I can post pics of my ‘Oliver’ series.  He’s a new creature who just showed up when I was sketching and for someone so winsome, is surprisingly persistent in insisting that I create his paintings (what’s that you say?  am I crazy?  paintings talking to me?….well….yes).

My shop on Etsy is intheneverwas, all one word.  So, and search for

I listed 2 pairs of earrings, a pretty necklace, and a tiny oil painting.  Here’s a link to the painting

Let me know what you think.

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