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Oliver #2 complete

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Finished ‘Oliver’ #2 over the weekend.  The fish has a name, Chi.  Why? you ask. Why not? say I.

Oliver # 2

A couple of details from the painting.

oliver detail


The painting currently on my easel.

long neck in progress

A drawing from my sketchbook for the 100 thing drawing challenge.

seeking soloace

Pics of my studio, cause I love seeing other people’s studios, soooooo…..



And a pic of my housemates 😉

jody and hector the cat

Okay, some are showing as thumbnails, others as titles, just click on them and all should be well.

‘Oliver’ and others

Friday, September 21st, 2012

Here are some recent paintings:

Oliver 1 Oliver 1       Oliver 2 Oliver 2

'There....' ‘There….’   'Malachite and Cadmium' ‘Malachite and Cadmium’

Jody's mushrooms  Jody’s mushrooms      Self Portrait paintings ‘Mandala’  Self Portrait

I’ve got some other ideas percolating.  Also I have a bunch of pretty amethyst colored crystals on my bead board  waiting to be turned into a necklace…and maybe a bracelet..or earrings….or all of those.  I’ll let you know 🙂

A list of luxuries

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

I was sitting and musing this morning and began a list of the luxuries I have in my life, things that really bring joy into living.  Here’s what I have so far:

  • Making fresh bread and eating it hot with real butter.
  • Wearing long, beautiful dresses around the house.
  • Growing fresh herbs.
  • Clean sheets on the bed.
  • Making strawberry shortcake from scratch with real cream (whipped just before serving).
  • A fuchsia silk suit bought unworn at a thrift shop for $2.50.
  •  A shelf of organized lotions and perfumes.
  • One excellent and lovely purse in an interesting color to use everyday.
  • A shelf of Patricia McKillip first edition hardbacks.
  • One large pillow in the living room in a luminous color.
  • Creating paintings exactly as ‘I’ please.
  • Gorgeous blank books to fill with odd musings (such as these).
  • A hot bath with a book and no time limit.
  • A drawer of pressed and exactly folded sweaters and pullovers.
  • A closet with only clothes that I love.
  •  Gorgeous smelling lotions (bought on sale 😉 ).
  • Fresh flowers.
  • Original artwork in every room of the house.
  • Fresh, homemade from scratch, blueberry muffins with streusel topping.
  • Burning candles with glorious scents that fill the house.
  • Two sturdy easels (one large, one medium) in my studio.
  • Shelves full of inspiring art books.
  • A perfect pair of black high heel mary janes with a small intricate brass buckle.
  • A collection of teacups chosen over time, each with it’s own individual beauty.
  • A journal filled with my own illustrations.
  • Two kolinsky sable watercolor brushes.
  • Three tubes of my favorite oil paint (transparent gold ochre),
  • A fluffy, arrogant, pampered, orange striped cat (Hector).
  • A husband who tells me I am beautiful, every single day.
  • Unexpected, odd, hilarious texts from my husband.
  • A solid wooden bookcase made by my parents and dedicated by them on the back to me.
  • Receiving a bouquet of flowers every month, delivered by a local florist on a random day.  An arrangement my husband makes with them and renews every year.
  • Lace lingerie.
  • A string of pearls worn with jeans.
  • Napping in my husbands arms for hours on a long free afternoon.
  • A fast internet connection.

By George (that would be Hector) I think I’ve got it!

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

I futzed around and through purely non-scientific means discovered a way to make my images show up again…..maybe not the best or easiest way, but whatever.

So here’s what’s on the easel and drawing table now.

an as yet untitled watercolor

inprogress candle nude pregnant

unfinfihed standing candle nude

I’m working on these nudes as quickly as I can.  I find that if I let them sit on the easel too long, they start to stagnate.  I start hating them and don’t want to look at them.  Heh.  So I try to get them done as quickly as i can.  Also, I do not want, I will not, overwork them.  I am striving for the swift capture of the beauty, the thought, the sensation.  I am learning to let go of the fear and inhibitions.  Yes, I do want people to look at my art, hopefully like (love??) it, but at least see it.  But the most important part of this act of creation, is my own truth.  I must create it.  The trying to please others is the death of art….at least of my art.  I am giving myself the freedom (and permission) to paint precisely as I please.

How could it be otherwise?